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Executive Leader Bozoma Saint John Shares 3 Tips to Live Unapologetically Right Now

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was hard-won, born out of a series of heartbreaking losses—a college boyfriend from suicide, a child born prematurely to pre-eclampsia and a husband to cancer, which Saint John recounts in , released in February.

The memoir explores what these experiences taught her about , and of the time you’re given.The “urgent life,” Saint John explains, is about tossing aside the clutter and remaining focused in the ongoing search and , regardless of the trauma and loss we may face. “Happiness is not frivolous to me,” Saint John states. “If I’m not happy, then it’s not worth it.

People say things like, ‘You can’t be happy all the time.’ Why? Who said that? Who told you that you’re not allowed to be happy all the time?

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