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How to Talk to Teachers About Your Child’s ADHD: Scripts and Tips

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If he applied himself, he’d be at the top of his class.”“She will lose recess until she learns to listen in class.”Parents get frustrated or angry, understandably, when teachers make comments like these about their child.

Most teachers mean well, believing they’re sharing important observations and interventions. But because few teachers have received specific training in ADHD and executive function skill development, these remarks seldom improve the situation.

So how should parents respond?[Sign Up for ADHD @ School: A Free Class for Parents]Instead, teach them about the social and emotional impact of ADHD, and how the condition’s executive functioning challenges affect learning, motivation, and behavior.Provide the teacher with resources and information about ADHD, such as articles or books, to help them better understand your child’s needs. (Why not encourage your child’s teachers to sign up for ADDitude’s ADHD Learning Series for Educators?)You might say: “Mrs.

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