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3 Daily Choices that Often Generate 90 Percent of Our Success in Life

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When I was a high school freshman, a 260-pound freshman girl showed up for track and field tryouts right alongside me. Her name was Sara, and she was only there because her doctor said her health depended on it.

But once she scanned the crowd of students who were on the field, she turned around and began walking away. Coach O’Leary saw her, jogged over, and turned her back around.“I’m not thin enough for this sport!” Sara declared. “And I’ll never be!

It’s impossible for me to lose enough weight. I’ve tried.”Coach O’Leary nodded, and promised Sara that her body type wasn’t suited for her current weight. “It’s suited for 220 pounds,” he said.Sara looked confused. “Most people tell me I need to lose 130 pounds,” she replied. “But you think I only need to lose 40?”Coach O’Leary nodded again.Sara started off as a shot put competitor, but spent every single afternoon running and training with the rest of the track team.

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