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Elijah Cummings quotes on hope and justice

Elijah Cummings, the longtime Baltimore congressman and civil rights leader, died today (October 17, 2019) at age 68.

A highly respected political leader, Cummings was a man who wielded unique moral authority. Through integrity and hard work, he rose to leadership and fought for what is right.

Cummings will be remembered for his principled stands on political issues, his belief in the good in mankind, for fighting racial injustice, and much more. His passing on is not just a loss for the people of Baltimore, but for the whole of humanity.

According to Cummings’ wife, the esteemed congressman was an honorable man who served his district with “dignity, integrity, compassion and humility.” He believed that our nation’s diversity was our promise and that our democracy represented our collective humanity.

In honor of a powerful voice, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and thought-provoking Elijah Cummings quotes and sayings.

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Elijah Cummings quotes on hope and justice 

1. “It was to carry the American democratic journey beyond these failings that Black citizens and civil rights workers risked unemployment, violence and death.” –  Elijah Cummings

2. “You must have confidence in your competence.” –  Elijah Cummings

3. “I’m going to try and make people realize that in order to live the life they are living, they need to have democracy, and it’s being threatened.” –  Elijah Cummings

4. “Tweets are not enough. We need real action and meaningful reform.” – Elijah Cummings

5. “My mom and dad, although they may not have had a lot of formal education, they were two of the most brilliant people that I know.” –  Elijah Cummings

6. “It is a new day in our city,

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