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The Greatest Gift of My ADHD Diagnosis? The Permission to be Vulnerable

ADHD — but then another layer was showing. I was the side of the slice of lasagne — newly cut and oozing.It caught me off guard because I had, at least on the outside, stopped questioning every behavior, every emotion, every mistake as a sign of ADHD or something else.

I thought I had decided that ADHD was the answer. ‘Really,’ I chide inwardly now, ‘since when did you ever decide anything?’ My capacity for knowing things wholly, it seems, was arrested by faulty ‘executive functions’ and then it wandered in some other direction altogether.[Self-Test: Symptoms of ADHD in Women]My almost-acceptance of my late-life ADHD diagnosis has a tinge of indigence about it — and also enough warmth and softness toward my very existence as a human being

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