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DISC personality types explained

DISC personality types explainedHow well do you know yourself? It’s one thing to understand your opinions, likes and dislikes. But understanding your personality and all its nuances is another ball game altogether. Oftentimes insight is restricted by self-perception and , so to develop true self-awareness, you must get an objective perspective on yourself. Tony Robbins’ is a powerful tool for understanding your personality, and behavior patterns.

The assessment is organized around DISC personality types – four categories of interpersonal behavior. By determining which of the DISC assessment types fits your predominant personality profile, you’re able to embrace and , get ahead in your career and enjoy greater authenticity in everything you do.The DISC method is designed to help you understand your dominant personality traits. Once you have your DISC personality types explained, you can use this knowledge to better leverage your options and build the life you desire.

Which of the following DISC assessment types resonates most strongly?People who score high in dominance are direct, results-oriented, decisive, competitive and strong problem solvers. These people are bold and definitive. They tend to place a high value on winning and being the best.

They look at the world with a logical lens and rely more on facts and data than intuition. In addition to being strong in their convictions, they also tend to react to opposing viewpoints with indifference or hostility.If you’re a strong influencer, you tend to be charming, enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive and inspiring. These people are bold and accepting.

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