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Troubleshooting Wood Fireplace Heaters: 7 Common Issues and Solutions

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Although wood fireplace heaters are efficient and create a cosy atmosphere, they have drawbacks. The average person can fix some of these faults, while others will require the assistance of a trained expert.

This wood fireplace-troubleshooting guide will guarantee your appliance’s long life and reliable performance. Occasionally, wood heaters experience the following issues. · Broken Firebox Or Brick Overheating the fire or the firebox can cause the firebrick to expand and shrink, eventually cracking the firebrick or the firebox.

Cracked firebricks or a damaged firebox can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your wood fireplace heater and represent a severe fire threat if left unrepaired. · Overuse Of The Fireplace Overheating can occur in a wood fireplace heater if the homeowner burns too much wood.

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