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Q: What’s the Best Planner for a Student with ADHD and Dysgraphia?

Q: “I have trouble pushing a paper calendar or planner for my son, who has dysgraphia. When we’ve tried in the past, it’s gotten messy very quickly because it’s hard to keep up with changes and details.

I use the phone calendar, which is not perfect but much neater and better at handling changes. What do you think?”I’m never a fan of pushing any type of organizing or time-management system on anyone.

How we learn is how we organize our time, our spaces, and everything in between. Different systems work for different brain types.

I’m a paper planner girl; digital simply doesn’t work for me. And I know I’m never going to change no matter how much my husband would like to sync our calendars!That said, I do favor paper planners for my students

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