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Here’s Why Most Empaths Struggle with “Belonging”

empathetic nature, she has many friends in her inner circle.Amelia’s rapport with her patients, families, and coworkers is remarkable. Without interruption, she listens intently as they explain their medical history and current situation. As an empathetic nurse, she connects with her patients holistically for a care plan.

ADVERTISEMENT She chose hospice nursing to enrich the lives of those with limited time. Her excellent medical knowledge and honest compassion are a blessing to terminal patients and their families. She’s held the hands of countless patients as they passed and is a source of strength for grieving loved ones.While she has the gift of making others feel more comfortable, Amelia deals with a sense of not belonging.

She spends so much time absorbing and interpreting other people’s emotions that she doesn’t have time for hers. Instead of enjoying a social life like most people her age, Amelia usually takes on extra work shifts. ADVERTISEMENT Does the story of this compassionate nurse resonate with you? Why is it that highly sensitive people often feel alone in the world? They work well with other people’s feelings but aren’t always in tune with themselves.Perhaps you’ve struggled for years with your heightened sensitivity.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, or are you a wandering old soul? Here are seven reasons that may make empaths question their sense of belonging.If you’re an empath, you recognize the overpowering rush of emotion when you enter a crowded room. You take in the room’s ambiance before you begin interacting with the other folks. You’re like a life-size sponge absorbing their deepest emotions.This essential characteristic of an empath often leaves you with an impression of not

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