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89-Year-Old Earns Ph.D. in Physics, Proving Age is Just a Number

“My uncle was a physician, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, and he had taught in the United States for a while,” Steiner said in a statement. “He taught plastic surgery — showing people how to make noses smaller or how to straighten them out. My family’s advice was that medicine was the best path for me.

So I reconciled myself, ‘they are older and wiser,’ and I followed their advice.” ADVERTISEMENT So, Steiner earned a medical doctorate in 1955 from the University of Vienna and set his sights on Washington D.C. after graduating. There, he completed his training courses in internal medicine.Afterward, he began training in hematology at Tufts University under the esteemed.

Dr. William Damashek. In addition, Steiner earned a Ph.D.

in biochemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1967.Upon completing his rigorous schooling, Steiner moved to Rhode Island. He immediately began working as a hematologist at Brown University (now the Warren Alpert Medical School).In 1968, he became an assistant professor of medicine, mainly doing research work. He was appointed as a professor in 1978.

In 1985, Steiner earned the title head of hematology at the medical school. He continued working there until 1994.After nearly 30 years, Steiner felt ready to retire and enjoy his golden years. However, one of his colleagues approached him about creating a research program in hematology.

He couldn’t turn down the offer and helped direct the program until 2000 when he finally retired from a long medical career. ADVERTISEMENT Throughout his years as a hematologist, he managed to keep his true goal alive, however. His love of physics never left him, so he decided to attend classes despite his age.“Physics was always a part of

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