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How John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success Can Help You Be Happy

philosophical building blocks meant to help you succeed in life. This pyramid features fifteen rectangular “blocks” arranged in five tiers. Each block is held together by the Mortar.

Ten additional triangular “blocks” give the pyramid the support it needs to stand proudly. ADVERTISEMENT Initially, Wooden didn’t create the pyramid specifically for basketball, but he applied this philosophy of the pyramid to his coaching. This significantly changed the game for the UCLA Bruins, and, as it turns out, the idea can be applied to most different parts of life, too.

This man’s brilliant work has laid the groundwork for his current success. Here’s how John Wooden’s pyramid of success can help you be happy. ADVERTISEMENT John Wooden’s first foray into the beginnings of the pyramid involved changing the so-called “Definition of Success,” and it’s something we can all learn to do.

Most people define successful ventures by a simple metric: did you win or lose? Did you fail, or did you not fail?These binary concepts are simple to comprehend, but they ultimately don’t serve much of a purpose and can cause you to fall stagnant. After all, the real world is hardly ever cut and dry! John Wooden taught his players this when he was a coach. Instead of focusing on winning or losing, he focused on preparation and how the game is played.It’s all about fundamental, profound, personal, or team improvement on a level beyond the superficial.

In other words, working on internal factors molds you into the best you can be, and that is what success can be defined as. (And, naturally, more common definitions of success are easier to achieve with those improvements.) ADVERTISEMENT So redefine success in your head. Instead of making it about apparent

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