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How to Spark Neurodivergent Minds: Everyday Teaching Solutions

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Teaching one class of students means adapting, personalizing, and bringing to life lesson plans for two dozen or more distinct and dazzling brains.

No two children learn in exactly the same way or at the same speed, but the chasm between neurotypical and neurodivergent students can sometimes feel impossible to bridge — even for the most experienced teacher.Which is why ADDitude recently asked a panel of educators: What are some of the most helpful solutions you’ve found to meet your students’ learning challenges?“I focus on a ‘child first’ mentality,” one teacher shared. “I tell students about my own ADHD often,” said another. “I’m still working on it,” said a third, “but I just implemented a structured study hall where I directly teach executive function skills.”If you are the teacher of a student with ADHD, autism, or a learning difference, try one of these strategies to implement in the classroom.

You might be surprised to find that you already use some of them.“I try to never approach a situation as something the child is choosing to do wrong, but instead as something they are having difficulty with.

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