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“Will Cannabis Ease My ADHD Symptoms?” ADDitude Readers Weigh In

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Can cannabis benefit people with ADHD? The verdict is far from unanimous. People with ADHD have disproportionately high rates of cannabis use,1 but the decision to self-medicate is hardly obvious or ubiquitous.Cannabis use is known to impair attention, inhibition, memory, and motivation.

Studies have found that it worsens ADHD symptoms or has no effect at all.2 What’s more, individuals with ADHD are at greater risk of developing a substance use disorder, including cannabis misuse.34 Finally, a lack of robust research leads many doctors to dismiss cannabis as a valid ADHD treatment option.At the same time, public perception of medical cannabis has improved 5 as more states have chosen to legalize it.

When consumed in moderation, cannabis can deliver positive effects including improvements in sleep, anxiety, and emotional dysregulation, according to some ADDitude readers.In a recent ADDitude survey, we probed more deeply, asking the following questions:See what readers with ADHD had to say about their experiences with cannabis:“I self-medicated with weed for many years for mood swings, PMDD, endometriosis, and ADHD before I was diagnosed.

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