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6 Entrepreneurship Myths That Need to Be Busted

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How often have you considered entrepreneurship as a career and then dumped it?How often have you slid off saying NOT FOR ME in a discussion on entrepreneurship?Many of us, despite a secret desire to pursue this line of career, either sit on the fence or shy away because of the ’n’ number of myths and half-told stories of raging success or dismal failure, more of the latter than the former — that nips the dream in the bud.Today we will attempt to debunk myths about entrepreneurship and give some tips on how you can work at designing your success.Let’s start with addressing the top myths.Entrepreneurship transcends wealth, fueled by creativity, innovation, and determination.

Success doesn’t solely depend on financial resources; great ideas, market understanding, resilience, and relentless pursuit play pivotal roles.

Entrepreneurs from humble beginnings have shown that the spirit to persevere, learn, adapt, and keep pushing forward are the keys to triumph.Looking at some famous examples, Henry Ford kickstarted the Ford Motor Company with a $28,000 loan despite not being born into wealth.

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