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Care for Yourself Before You Help Others, Therapists Warn

help people, even when you have your own struggles to handle. You look beyond the current circumstances and see the heart of the person who needs help. Sadly, the reality is that not everything in this life can help fix the issue.

It would help if you learned the difference between when it’s a job you can tackle and when you should leave it alone. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Looking back at your childhood, you will often find the answers to why you desire to help others. Were you the person everyone came to as a kid to help with their problems? Did you have a circle of friends who loved to run to you with their drama and sought guidance?The sad fact is during the time when you were pouring yourself into others and their needs, your needs often were overlooked.

Typically to the helper personality, you put everyone else around you before you consider yourself. You eagerly pushed your needs and desires to the back burner so that you could fix others.It’s a noble quality to help others, but often it leaves you empty and broken. All the negative energy you take on from the wounded can be quite a lot to handle.

How often have you heard that an empty vessel cannot pour into others? Would you try to water your plants with an empty watering pitcher? Of course not!You would ensure there was plenty of water so that all your flowers got the drink they needed. Why should you be any different? Self-care is so important.You must take time to refill and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. You can’t continuously give all your resources to others, as nothing will be left for you.

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