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12 Habits That Beat Sadness Naturally

High-functioning anxiety and depression are genuine problems, but you can treat these symptoms with natural remedies.According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 17.3 million adults have depression in this country. Everyone needs coping strategies and ways to get through those dark days.

ADVERTISEMENT Mother Nature is an excellent provider of herbs and supplements that can help heal the body from within. Here are some of the best ways to combat this sadness in a holistic way that doesn’t have all the dreaded side effects.

ADVERTISEMENT It could have everything to do with your past if you’re miserable in the present. Do you constantly look at what’s behind you and blame yourself for your mistakes? The pain and disappointments of yesterday don’t help you when you already feel sad and down.Shift your focus to the here and now and mindful living.

How can you enjoy the wonderful fragrance after the rain or the beauty of a flower in full bloom when preoccupied with the past? ADVERTISEMENT When’s the last time you sat outside and let the sun’s rays penetrate every fiber of your being? If you must stop and think about it, then it’s been way too long. Nature is so healing, and so many people don’t spend time outdoors.They’re stuck behind a desk, and the only fresh air they get is walking to and from their car.

Why not go for a walk, let your feet dig deep into the soil, and connect with the Universe?Is it any wonder that people who switch to the Mediterranean or Keto diet suddenly have a boost in their mental health? When you stop ingesting harmful simple carbs and fast food, it makes vital changes to your body. If you’ve noticed some of the processed food lately, it states that it may contain a bioengineered

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