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First Recyclable Blade Wind Turbines Installed in Germany’s North Sea

press release:“We are proving that as the leaders of the offshore revolution, we are committed to making disruptive technology innovation commercially viable with the pace that the climate emergency demands. We’ve brought the Siemens Gamesa RecyclableBlade technology to market in only 10 months: from launch in September 2021 to installation at RWE’s Kaskasi project in July 2022.“This is impressive and underlines the pace at which we all need to move to provide enough generating capacity to combat the global climate emergency. This milestone marks a significant contribution to Siemens Gamesa’s target of having fully recyclable turbines by 2040.

With RecyclableBlade available for our customers, we can create a virtuous circular economy.” ADVERTISEMENT As the demand for wind power keeps rising, waste from decommissioned turbines poses a problem for clean energy companies. Wind turbine blades can weigh over 12 tons and measure more than 150 feet, taking up vast areas of landfills. They’re made of a combination of fiberglass and epoxy resin to create a durable, lightweight structure.

While these materials increase the turbine’s resiliency, they don’t break down in the environment.So, Siemens Gamesa wanted to create a recyclable, eco-friendly blade to eliminate planetary harm. The company’s Recyclable Blade technology allows complete recovery of the blade’s materials at the end of its life cycle. They separate the resin, wood, fiberglass, and other raw materials using a mild acid solution.

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