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Speak Up Quotes To Be A Voice and Not an Echo

Your voice is important, and these speak-up quotes serve as a reminder that your voice matters.

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There is an ancient Japanese proverb that says, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

While many have often attributed this idiom to describe the value of Japanese people maintaining their culture by conforming to it, the wisdom of the proverb transcends boundaries and limitations.

The idea is that those who are too different or conspicuous get criticized, judged, and even sanctioned by their community and their institutions.

However, conversely, if all the nails stick up, it is the ones who remain fully immersed who become the odd ones out.

Across the planet, people are choosing to stand up for what they believe in and use their voices to challenge paradigms that no longer serve us or are out of alignment with our growth.

Speak up!

Short speak-up quotes that prove you don’t need lots of words

1. “Be a voice not an echo.” — Albert Einstein

2. “Be open and speak your mind.” — Dr. Anil Kumar

3. “If you don’t like it, say something.” ― Joyce Rachelle

4. “To say nothing is saying something.” — Germany Kent

5. “Speak up. Believe in yourself. Take risks.” — Sheryl Sandberg

6. “The act of speaking out may make you feel alone.” — Ravish Kumar 

7. “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” — Elie Wiesel

8. “We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.” — Audre Lorde

9. “Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.” — Paul Wellstone

10. “I always think before I speak. I always think: ‘I think I’ll speak now.’” ― The Covert Comic

Speak up quotes about the importance of truth, honor, and people feelings man

Albert Einstein Sheryl Sandberg Anil Kumar Joyce Rachelle Paul Wellstone

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