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7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Honest

I have always aimed for raising honest kids. The truth is, that people, and more specifically, kids, lie.That is a harsh truth, we just need to go ahead and get out of the way. So, if you are aiming for perfection here, you are going to end up disappointed.

As parents, we aren’t supposed to raise perfect humans. Instead, our goal is to help instill the right values and encourage the right behaviors so that our kids grow into healthy, happy, and functional adults. If you want to keep your kids honest, here are some helpful tips.You can want your child to have values all you want, but unless you model them, it isn’t likely you are going to teach them anything.

You have to practice what you preach, and that means being honest to them and everyone else, too.If you have a feeling they are lying, do not set them up. Be straightforward and explain that you can see the lie. Otherwise, you are merely encouraging them to lie, which is deceptive in its own right.When kids lie, they can get creative.

In those moments, you might reflexively giggle. But, don’t do that, and don’t overlook the lie, no matter what. Call it out and hold them accountable.Dishonesty doesn’t always appear outright.

You have to read between the lines and pick up on what they are holding back and when they are being deceptive. When they are, you need to correct them.If they lie to you, do not reward this behavior. Implement consequences in the same way, consistently.When they are being honest, make sure you catch that too, and support them for being honest.

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