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7 Dengue Myths Busted for You

As per WHO reports, countless people are affected by dengue infections globally every year. It is a mosquito-borne viral infection that is spread by Aedes mosquitoes. It usually takes 4-7 days to understand the symptoms. Since no vaccination is available for this disease, it is essential to prevent this condition as much as possible.

Moreover, this disease can even lead to death if it is not treated timely. In this regard, individuals can opt for an effective dengue insurance plan under pocket insurance to significantly cover the medical expenses of this disease. However, multiple myths and misconceptions surrounding dengue must be busted to manage the condition effectively.

Demystification of 7 Dengue Myths

Here are some myths surrounding this disease that one should stop believing right away:

Myth 1: Dengue transmits through any mosquito

This is not true at all. Dengue is only transmitted through the female Aedes mosquito. In fact, these mosquitoes can spread the infection only when they are themselves affected by it. During their feeding period, they bite more than one person during the daytime. One mosquito bite is sufficient to spread the virus and can severely affect a person.

Myth 2: Having a low platelet count means dengue fever

Low platelet count is one of the primary symptoms of dengue fever. But this condition does not mean that it is a sign of dengue. Besides low platelet count, the chance of suffering from dengue increases if you have a high fever. However, if only your platelet count drops, you may be suffering from other diseases, such as yellow fever, HIV, chikungunya, etc.

Myth 3: Papaya leaf cures dengue fever

Traditional medical science and Indian Ayurveda have been widely known across the world.

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