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Talking With Your Child’s Teacher

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Admit it: when you were a kid, being sent to the principal’s office was one of your biggest fears. For some parents of children with ADHD, it still is one of our biggest fears.Having to talk to teachers (or counselors, principal, or disciplinary officers, etc.) is part of having a child with ADHD.

Often, these conversations can become angry discussions about what is best for the child and whose responsibility it is to meet those needs.

Teachers may not realize the full impact of the child’s ADHD. Parents are sometimes reluctant to push their children. The parent who has watched their child struggle may think that the teacher’s expectations are unrealistic; the teacher sees a bright, if somewhat unmotivated, kid and may think that the parent’s expectations are too low.Unfortunately, Goldilocks isn’t around to tell us which perspective is “just right.” (Besides, Goldilocks has some behavioral issues of her own, with habits like trespassing, destruction of personal property, stealing food and sleeping in strange beds.

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