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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Adults with ADHD

Buy This Gift on Amazon. (#CommissionsEarned)$229.81Your loved one really, really wants this beanbag — trust us.

They might not know it, but as soon as they flop into its enveloping smushiness, they will. ADHD often brings sensory needs, which are not always easy to meet without embarrassment in adulthood.

Beanbags can help deliver the deep pressure that many sensory-seekers crave. You’ll probably end up fighting for beanbag space, regardless of diagnosis — this thing is that comfortable.

Set it up with a weighted blanket and headphones for maximum relaxation.Buy This Gift on Amazon. (#CommissionsEarned)$15.99Adults with ADHD may shun brightly colored fidget spinners, but they do often need something to occupy their hands.

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