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11 Gift Ideas That Adults with ADHD Love

ADDitude readers recently told us about the presents they love to receive — and give. The arts and adventure enthusiasts among us recommended giving “experiences” via tickets to a concert, theater performance, or sporting event; or purchasing a membership to a favorite local museum. Others suggested giving book lovers a subscription to Audible or hungry minds a subscription to Master Class.“Listening to a book that I enjoy while doing boring or difficult tasks keeps me occupied and stops me from focusing on the negative aspects of the task,” one ADDitude reader said.Here are more gift ideas for adults with ADHD:$20.99These MindPanda Therapy stress balls are the perfect squishy fidget to ease anxiety and promote calm.

The set includes three themed balls (gratitude, mindfulness, and positivity). Each Lycra-wrapped ball is filled with a high-strength TPR gel and features inspirational phrases, such as “As you think you become” or “Be. Here.

Now.” Each ball is infused with a subtle fragrance of either lemon, rosemary, or jasmine. Choose from soft, medium, or hard and get to work — these are ideal for squeezing, tugging, and bouncing. They’re also BPA-free and contain zero latex, making them safe for sensitive hands.Buy This Gift on Amazon.

(#CommissionsEarned) $3.99Despite this notepad’s small size, just 5.75 by 6.25 inches, it provides many ADHD-friendly features to keep you organized. Each sheet of paper says, “Today’s Plan” and includes a to-do list section, a ta-da checklist box, and a brain dump area. Use it to jot down reminders, grocery lists, goals, and more.

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