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Call It the ‘Summer Swell:’ 4 Clever Ways to Reverse Learning Loss

self-esteem. And, as we know, our kids need all the school encouragement and motivation they can get.Some parents try to stave off the summer slide with worksheets and brain-building books. But imitating school invites ugly battles.

Our kids might loathe traditional lessons, but deep down, they’re learners. They’re doers and movers. Most of all, they’re curious.

My three boys, all with varying degrees of ADHD, would willingly waste all summer on screen time. But I manage to keep them reading, writing, and learning by playing to their strengths. Here’s how.We live in a golden age of game-based learning, with programs that reward kids for accomplishing academic tasks.

Learners are incentivized to work on math problems, read history texts, study science experiments, and more. Many of these programs include a social component — kids can make friends while adhering to parental controls — and a reward structure that unlocks in-game fun with every completed academic task. My 10-year-old learned to type last summer because he wanted avatar swag.Growing gamers may also enjoy online coding classes.

Most start from the basics and work up to more complicated computer languages. My 12-year-old quickly caught the gist of Roblox coding. Now, rather than play games, he and his bestie work collaboratively to develop them.[Download: Free Guide to Brain-Boosting Video Games]We know children with ADHD require outdoor time.

But banishing them to the backyard quickly becomes a big yawn. Instead, we scour our area for parks, nature preserves, and kid-friendly hikes. Since sedate woodland walks quickly morph into forced marches, we tote supplies — lots of them.

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