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Little Gifts, Big Smiles: A Gift Guide for ADHD Adults

$106.45 (queen size)“I have to take my ADHD medication later in the day in order to do homework efficiently, and sometimes that can make it hard to wind down and fall asleep. This pillow is pricey, but to me it’s worth the money.

I consider it a sedative that doesn’t involve taking a pill! I also love that it’s infused with essential oils. Mine is peppermint scented, but the pillow is also available in lavender, chamomile, and bamboo charcoal.“The texture is just right — not too squishy and not-too firm.

Plus, the pillow’s ergonomically-correct design eliminates pressure points, aligns the spine, and provides support from the shoulders to the hips. It’s really one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!” — Marimac McRae, ADDitude blogger and Dartmouth College student majoring in English and Creative WritingBuy This Gift on Amazon (#CommissionsEarned)$14.99This sleek and orderly billfold was enthusiastically described by Beth, a member of ADDitude's Facebook community, as “the best ADHD wallet ever!” Made of high-quality vegan leather, the bifold design (dimensions: 8" L x 4” H x 1" D) belies its ample storage capacity — this wallet features 18 card slots and 2 zippered pockets for cash, coins, tickets, receipts, or even a cell phone.

An elegant buckle snaps the wallet closed.Buy This Gift on Amazon (#CommissionsEarned)$4.99This 3” x 3” cube is a stress-reliever, a quiet fidget, and a brain-stimulating puzzle all in one. The Amazing Smart Cube (#CommissionsEarned) is faster to turn and more natural to hold than its predecessor — the Rubik's Cube.

Some say it’s better looking, too. Next time you need a discreet distraction from the day’s anxieties, pick up this playful gadget — and keep your mind sharp, too.Buy This Gift on

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