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Sia's Response to 'Music' Backlash Shows How Autism Myths Cause Harm

Celebrated singer Sia recently premiered her trailer for her movie “Music” — and there is a lot to unpack.

The main problem, at first, was the casting of Maddie Ziegler (“Dance Moms”) as the lead character with autism, whose name is, wait for it, Music. Moreover, as you can expect from her name, the story depicts Music as the “eternally innocent” stereotype in the most polarizing way I’ve ever seen. Ziegler portrays Music as always happy and giggly, and she sees the world in her own little way (through music and singers). In her technicolor fantasies, she loves to twirl around in pretty pink dresses. Although Ziegler is 18, the character is described as a “happy little girl.” This movie clearly builds on society’s false assumptions that

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