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10 Screen-Free Gift Ideas for Children with ADHD

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$11.39The fast-paced action of 800 Pound Gorilla, a new game from the creators of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, will keep distractable children focused and energetic kids entertained.

The easy-to-learn game is filled with hilarious phrases, flying bananas, lovable gorillas, and silly performances. Playing time lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and this gift is suitable for all ages, making it a Family Game Night favorite.Buy 800 Pound Gorilla (#CommissionsEarned)$13.99The Swiftie in your household will love channeling their favorite ‘era’ and testing their Taylor Swift prowess with The Unofficial Eras Activity Book.

Inside, kids will find 50 pages of word searches, coloring sheets, mazes, and more. Just cue up their favorite Taylor’s Version and watch them get to work!Buy The Unofficial Eras Activity Book (#CommissionsEarned)$13.99Rubik’s Phantom Cube provides a new twist for puzzle fans and Rubik’s Cube collectors.

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Analysis on Homeopathy for ADHD Deemed ‘Invalid,’ ‘Biased’
November 6, 2023Pediatrics Research has retracted a paper on the effectiveness of using homeopathy to treat ADHD, citing “substantial concerns regarding the validity of the results presented in this article.” 1The original article “Is Homeopathy Effective for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder? A Meta-Analysis” reported that “individualized homeopathy showed a clinically relevant and statistically robust effect in the treatment of ADHD.”1 This retraction directly challenges those results and addresses the concerns of critics, who argue that science does not support the use of homeopathy for addressing ADHD symptoms.The journal’s editor-in-chief issued the retraction after a review found four “deficiencies,” including the following:The paper’s retraction comes more than a year after critics first questioned the validity of the studies included in the meta-analysis. Shortly after the paper’s June 2022 publication, Edzard Ernst, M.D., Ph.D., MAE, FMedSci, FRSB, FRCP, FRCPEd, asked the editors of Pediatrics Research to add a caution notice or withdraw the paper.“We conclude that the positive result obtained by the authors is due to a combination of the inclusion of biased trials unsuitable to build evidence together with some major misreporting of study outcomes,” he wrote.In a follow-up letter sent in June 2023, Ernst wrote, “In our comment, we point out that the authors made a lot of errors — to say it mildly.