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Simple Gifts That Satisfy: What ADDitude Readers Recommend

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“How thoughtful.”“What an interesting gift.”“Wow – what a surprise.”We’ve all heard the polite-yet-unenthused reaction of someone receiving an unwanted gift.

Adults with ADHD — whose hobbies and interests change often — can be particularly tricky to shop for. Our advice? Go with gifts that make time, relationships, emotions, and clutter easier to manage.Here are the gifts — gadgets, books, products, and services — that ADDitude readers told us they appreciated most.[Download: Your Free Guide for Controlling Clutter]“A timer that counts backward and shows the time disappearing is so simple but made my time management so much better.” — Jo, UK“I mostly pay for convenience services myself, but some friends got me a deep clean and declutter service (without judgment) after seeing how much I was struggling with housekeeping.

It was the best and most thoughtful gift ever.” — An ADDitude reader“A few months ago, I received a robot vacuum cleaner that also mops.

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