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12 Things My 90-Year-Old Grandma Told Me to Remember Before She Died

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We are not just what we know, but what we are willing to learn.When my Grandma Zelda passed away a decade ago at the age of 90, she left me with a box of miscellaneous items from her house that she knew I had grown to appreciate over the years.

Among these items was an old leather-bound journal that she aptly named her Inspiration Journal.Throughout the second half of her life, Grandma Zelda used this journal to jot down ideas, thoughts, quotes, song lyrics, and anything else that moved her.

She would read excerpts from her journal to me when I was growing up, and I would listen and ask lots of questions. I honestly credit a part of who I am now to the wisdom she bestowed on me when I was young.Although I’ve shared some of her wisdom in the past here on the blog and with our newsletter subscribers, today is the day she became an angel ten years ago.

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