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Q: “Is It Fair to Ignore Inappropriate Behaviors from Students with ADHD?”

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Q: “As a teacher, I sometimes struggle to ignore negative or inappropriate behaviors from students with ADHD. I worry about the fairness of ignoring these behaviors that other students would otherwise be called out on.”The longer I’ve spent in this field, the more I’ve come to realize that the strongest educators are skilled at ignoring mildly inappropriate behaviors from students.

This is a different tune from approaches of the past that emphasized, for example, trying to get students to face forward and not move a muscle while in class.

Today, many teachers understand that as long as a student is learning and producing work, it’s okay if they have to stand or squirm around a bit during class.As far as ignoring behaviors in some students, an educator put it to me this way: Fair doesn’t always mean equal.[Get This Free Guide: Solving Classroom Behavior Problems]The reality is that there will always be some students who are going to need more or different approaches to help them achieve the same goals that all students are being asked to achieve.

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