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Osteopath Warns of Too Heavy Backpacks for Children

Many children today complain about back pain from carrying heavy backpacks to school. Health experts are now sounding the alarm about this growing problem, advising parents to double-check their children’s book bags. They say that overweight book bags can impact children more than people realize.Data from the U.S.

Consumer Product Safety Commission paints a clearer picture of the severity of the problem. The agency estimates that an annual average of 7,500 kids under 19 years old had serious backpack-related injuries from 2017 to 2019. The children had severe enough injuries to warrant emergency room visits.While most children with back pain don’t require a visit to the ER, it can still take a toll on them.

For example, one mom of a 12-year-old girl said her daughter complained about upper back and neck pain for months, according to Fox News. ADVERTISEMENT  Initially, the mom from Long Island, N.Y., thought her daughter’s involvement in sports might explain her body aches. However, a visit to their family physician revealed her daughter’s overloaded backpack was to blame.

ADVERTISEMENT  “She was picking up a backpack of books and going from classroom to classroom throughout the day and then carrying the bag to and from school. That’s a lot of lifting,” the mom told Fox News Digital in an interview. ADVERTISEMENT  After the appointment, her daughter underwent several weeks of osteopathic therapy to alleviate her neck and back pain.

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