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“What Were You Like as a Kid?” Readers’ Childhood Memories of Growing Up with ADHD

childhood memories — good, bad, and in between — that reinforced this undeniable truth: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) influences how we grow up and can set the tone for the rest of life as well. Struggling to keep up with neurotypical peers and being habitually misunderstood by authority figures is hard enough when you have a formal diagnosis, but even more damaging without one, as you’ll see below.What are your most vivid memories of growing up with ADHD? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.“In kindergarten I could never be still.

I was so wired up, I barely slept at night. During nap time, my teacher (who I think assumed I had ADHD) would give me a little extra one-on-one time and let me help her

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