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This Barbie-Inspired Morning Routine Will Have You in Your Feels

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Barbie? Same. The Barbie movie has taken over our feeds, our meetings, our conversations, and our minds in a big way. In addition to the all-pink aesthetic that has been exploding for over a year now in anticipation of the film’s release, discussions about the messages in Barbie are continuing to light up the internet.

Whether you anticipated to be blown away by Gerwig’s infusion of feminism in the film, felt that the movie was too political or not political enough, there are a few undeniably great takeaways from the Barbie movie.

So, how do we implement some of the lessons from the Barbie movie in our everyday lives?Enter the Barbie-inspired morning routine: how we’re infusing our daily lives with a little bit more Barbie from now on, because yes, our world has been changed.

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