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Battle of the Greens: We Ranked 9 of the Most Popular Green Powders from Best to Worst

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coffee, of course. All of a sudden, green powders became as much of a daily non-negotiable as brushing your teeth.I’ll admit that I, for one, have not yet implemented green powders into my routine (gasp!), but it’s not for lack of interest in the benefits they could have on my overall health and wellbeing—it’s simply because there are so many on the market now that the overwhelm and decision fatigue from trying to choose one is real.After chatting with our Wellness Editor and a registered dietitian nutritionist, I learned all about the factors that should be taken into account when choosing green powders and why the heck we should care about implementing them in the first place, so I could properly do a deep dive of some of the most raved about options on the market.

Now, I’m rating them from greatest of all time to just so-so, as it pertains to the variety of nutrients, sourcing, ingredients, and what people have to say about them as a whole.

While we fully believe that the first place you should be getting your nutrients is from your diet, it’s not always possible to get all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants you need in a day from your food alone. “Green powders can help fill gaps by covering your bases, as well as by offering a convenient, nutrient-rich drink if you’re on the go,” explained Tanya Mezher MS, RDN, CDN, Founding Functional Practitioner at Malla.

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