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How and get rid of Google penalty?

It happens that you find that your site is falling in the rankings and does not have good attendance, and besides its position in the searcher results worsened, it is very likely that you get a penalty from Google.

Any ultimate guide to google penalties says to you that the situation is very unpleasant because it could affect your turnover, but rest assured that you could face penalties from Google. Step by step, we’ll explain how to proceed to remove Google penalties.

What punishment are you facing?

As you may know from the materials shared by our company, Google has two types of penalties, each related to compliance with best SEO practices:

Manual penalties; Algorithmic penalties. How do I remove an algorithmic penalty?

The algorithmic penalty can refer to the quality of your content and/or the quality of your links. In the first case, it means that you have been adding low-quality content to your site for a long time. On the other hand, it could also be because of excessive advertisement presence or the slow loading of your site. In case you have a problem with your links. It could be over-optimization of links or “spamming” backlinks.

How do I remove a manual penalty?

As we saw earlier, if it is a manual penalty, it is stated in your manual action report on your Search Console. The report will tell you the reason for the penalty. You may encounter a manual penalty for various reasons, and each of them has its ways to solve. However, you can proceed in the same way as you did for algorithmic penalties for link and content problems. On the other hand, it’s best to call in a professional for any other reason that led to a Google penalty. This is because the actions are specific to each problem and often require

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