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Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Is Now Cancer Free

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Unfortunately, her doctor in Spain brushed her symptoms aside, citing menopause as the cause. “I’d googled my symptoms, and I actually asked him outright if I had bowel cancer, and he said no,” Guy revealed.

ADVERTISEMENT When she visited her husband Adam in Saudi Arabia in January 2020, her health only worsened. ADVERTISEMENT “I was in pain walking, I looked seven months pregnant, and I woke up one night and was violently sick. I just felt horrendous,” Guy recalled.Adam and their youngest daughter Gabrielle rushed her to the hospital, where she underwent a battery of tests and X-rays.

Doctors told them the devastating news that she had only 3-4 months to live. ADVERTISEMENT “When I saw their faces, I thought this is not good. My daughter couldn’t look at me.

I couldn’t take it in. I just said, ‘How long have I had it? And ‘am I going to die?'” she recalled.Her family couldn’t bare to tell her the truth at the time. They could barely handle it themselves, after all.“He was still picking our daughter up off the floor—they had to give her oxygen.

I can laugh now, but it must’ve been like something from a ‘Carry On’ film,” she said.At the end of January, doctors referred her to the head of oncology, who reassured her a bit. The doctors advised her to stay positive and avoid googling her symptoms. They couldn’t operate on her, so they gave her a course of chemotherapy and a targeted cancer drug, Cituximae.

ADVERTISEMENT At that time, COVID-19 had begun spreading around the globe, and Caroline desperately wanted to see her family. So, she traveled back to Nottingham, England, to visit her other daughter Hollie but immediately caught the virus. She self-quarantined for a couple of

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