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Study Warns That 75% of Teens Don’t Get Enough Daily Exercise

this study, researchers didn’t realize the effect that school climate had on students’ daily exercise.“We do not know much about the role of school climate on physical activity,” said Thapa. “There must have been barriers that were faced by certain groups of students. Hence, we wanted to investigate the difference by gender.”The research team compiled data from a statewide survey including over 360,000 Georgia high school students.

The survey consisted of questions regarding daily exercise habits and school climate. Using this data, Thapa and her colleagues tested the relationship between school environment and physical activity. ADVERTISEMENT The survey revealed that female students received less daily exercise than males.

Only 35% of females reported being active compared to 57% of males. Physical activity decreased dramatically for male and female students in the 9-12th grade.However, students of both genders participated in daily exercise more often in a positive school environment. Researchers noted that bullying had a particularly pronounced effect on physical activity levels.Female students who reported instances of bullying received more daily exercise.

However, male students who experienced bullying didn’t engage in as much physical activity. Bullying stood out to the research team since it impacted male and female students differently. Other measures of school climate showed more significant similarities among both genders.

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