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The Day I Took on My Doctor and Won

Doctor appointments have always been challenging for me since I am super fat, and doctors assume that is the only reason I am ever sick. I cannot get through an appointment without them mentioning my weight and shaming me for being so large. It is as if all they are taught in medical school is to shame fat people into losing weight, as if that is a winning strategy. All this treatment does is keep fat people from going to the doctor.

I recently had an appointment to see a doctor an ENT specialist about the fact that my sleep apnea was getting worse with an oral appliance. (Not because of any weight, changes by the way). I was nervous coming up to the appointment. I knew as all fat people know that the first thing, he was wanting to talk about is my fatness. I practiced how I was going to respond to his treatment of me and then I went to my appointment.

When the nurse took my blood pressure it was very high. I told her I was just nervous about speaking with the doctor and it would come down when I leave. It did.

He left me in the room for 30 min where I sat in a very uncomfortable chair for someone my size, so I already felt this treatment was not going to be appropriate for me.

He was nice. He asked what brought me to see him and I told him what had been going on and what the other doctor had recommended.

Without making eye contact with me he went in for the kill. “Who is working with you on weight management,” assuming my weight was a problem or that I needed help with it. I said “I am working on my weight with my eating disorder therapist. I have been restricting food since I was 6 and as you see that has not been an effective strategy. Dieting has caused me great emotional and physical harm. I have been struggling

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