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ADHD Goes to the Museum

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Spaceships and war planes. Artifacts from the segregated South. Prince’s yellow cloud guitar.Informative and interactive cultural exhibits like these inspire neurodivergent individuals to visit museums, galleries, and other attractions, according to a recent ADDitude survey.

But for many, the noise, crowds and overstimulation can turn a day of exploration into a slog.A majority of survey respondents, 54 percent, said they did not believe museums, exhibits, and other cultural attractions were well-equipped for neurodivergent visitors.

More than half (53%) said their kids get overstimulated at museums, while 47 percent said exhibits left their kids understimulated (i.e., bored).When asked about the biggest barriers to enjoying exhibits, respondents cited lighting, crowds, sounds, and overwhelm.“Wanting to see everything in a museum can be overwhelming, and following maps can be difficult.”“I don’t like when you have to walk through one exhibit in order to get to another.

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