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Ready for a Flexible Work Arrangement as a Parent? Here’s How to Negotiate Better Hours

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conducted by Werklabs and The Mom Project, researchers wrote, “There are few words in our contemporary workplace lexicon that are more divisive than ‘flexible.’ From hot-desking and hybrid schedule to the very nature of our workplace hierarchies, the once-immutable norms of our American office structures are not only up for debate, but determinative of success.” And at the crux of these decisions are the more than 91% of working parents in our country trying to do, and be, it all.Here’s what experts and moms want working parents to know about the necessary and well-deserved flexibility into your current or future role.Times are changing, which we’ve known since the pandemic, but this time they are here to stay.

Old work structures aren’t working for some parents. This is to the detriment of companies’ missions and bottom lines, as women are essential to the workforce.

So essential, according to , that engaging more women in the workforce could add $12 trillion in GDP globally. To say there’s a lot to lose, or gain, would be an understatement.Now, many positions are including language in job postings such as “flexible hours” or “flexible working conditions.” But what does this mean?

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