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Nail Quotes for Every Manicure Enthusiasts

If you are looking for the best nail quotes, you have landed on the right page.

Your nails can be the perfect reflection of your personality.

While some people bite their nails because they are nervous, others go to lengths to protect their nails and keep them healthy.

You can even polish your nails to match your mood for the day or to dress them up for a special occasion. 

While there may be new, fun colors and accessories to use on your nails today, the idea of decorating nails is not new by any means.

In fact, it’s believed that nail polish was first used in 3000 B.C. in China. Of course, it was much different than it is today.

If you love letting your nails be an extension of who you are, enjoy reading through these nail quotes. 

Most Popular Nail Quotes

Painted nails can be a fun way to accentuate an outfit or show off your personality. Enjoy these fun nail quotes.

1. “Nails take any old outfit and make it new.” – Essie Weingarten

2. “I believe in manicures.” – Audrey Hepburn

3. “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.” – Prabal Gurung

4. “You’re never fully dressed without a good manicure.” – Essie Weingarten

5. “When your nails are part of your outfit, they become more than nails. They become an accessory.” – Holland Roden

6. “I don’t like plain nails. I get sad.” – Zooey Deschanel

7. “There are two kinds of Women; those who wear nail polish and those who don’t. Which do you prefer.” – Regina Brett 

8. “Your nails are like jewels – don’t use them like tools.” – Essie Weingarten

9. “Nail polish is like the icing on the beauty cake” – Mary Helen

10. “I have the reputation of being easygoing. But inside, I’m like nails. I will kill.” – Calvin Klein

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