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Escaping the “Perfect” Trap: How to Find Freedom and Fulfillment

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The perfect trap.“If I’m perfect, no one can ever criticize me.” Which isn’t true; we’ll still hear things we don’t want to hear.

And when we hear things we don’t want to hear, it’s because we didn’t do something good enough.We have to try harder.Deeper and deeper into the perfectionism prison we go.

We grow terrified of being seen and heard and hide behind the facade we believe will protect us. We don’t dare be seen as anything “less than.” We become terrified of putting anything out into the world, projects left undone or in a perpetual state of being worked on because they’re not quite “there.”We live a life that’s not our own; it belongs to the beliefs of what it should be, and we watch helplessly as our world and our place in it diminishes.

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