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“How to Get Out of Bed in the Morning: An ADHD Action Plan”

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Can’t get out of bed? Whether it’s due to a poor night’s sleep (hello, night owls), stubborn morning grogginess (i.e., sleep inertia), or dread-induced paralysis, struggling to wake up – while a common issue among individuals with ADHD – is a rough way to start the day… everyday.Try these suggestions to get your mind, body, and environment aligned to help you get out of bed in the morning with less resistance and more alertness.[Get This Free Download: How to Sleep Better with ADHD][Read: How to Break the Exhausting Habit of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination]Getting to a point where you can spring out of bed and start your day 100% energized won’t happen overnight.

With any of these techniques, give yourself time to build consistency so these strategies become part of your morning routine.

If you have chronic difficulties with sleep, whether from ADHD and/or other conditions that impact sleep, including stress, consult with your doctor to determine the best sleep/wake strategies for you and if any adjustments to your treatment plans are necessary.CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF ADDITUDE Since 1998, ADDitude has worked to provide ADHD education and guidance through webinars, newsletters, community engagement, and its groundbreaking magazine.

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