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Menswear With Meaning: Fashion Brand INHERENT Is Dedicated to Improving Men’s Mental Wellness

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, a Colorado-based men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, developed his business based on the notion that dressing well is directly connected to mental wellness.While the idea of opening a men’s clothing store had come to before, it didn’t fully take shape right away.

In 2017, he found himself in a mentally rough spot. Society’s “just be a man” attitude wasn’t serving him; he needed a different approach.

He thought he should see a therapist. Or, at least, that’s what he assumed he needed at the time. He had no knowledge of what therapy was like and didn’t know what to expect.“But I knew that if I’d wear a suit to a business meeting at the time, I’d crush the business meeting,” Draper says. “So, I basically showed up to therapy in a suit to give myself that self-confidence.”During this time, he realized two things: “One, , and two, mental health is so important to men.”Having been the owner of multiple businesses, Draper had always been professionally involved in design of some sort, albeit graphic design, brand identity, web design, etc.

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