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Probiotics Get All the Buzz, but This Unsung Hero May Be More Effective for Gut Health

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probiotics have gotten all the glitz and glory for boosting gut health. But there’s an unsung hero of balancing the gut microbiome that counts benefits such as repairing gut lining, taming gut inflammation, and managing GI symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.A recent study measured how almonds (yes, almonds!) affect the gut, and found that a reason they were beneficial in improving gut symptoms and gut microbes was because they help to increase a specific microbiota compound called butyrate.

Butyrate has been associated with several gut-friendly perks, with some experts even claiming butyrate is more effective than probiotics.

So what is butyrate, and just how does it work its magic? Spoiler: The health benefits go beyond just the gut. I asked experts to give a crash course on butyrate, its benefits, and how we can get the most out of it.

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