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'The Deep End': Why Teal Swan's Cult of Personality Is Dangerous to Trauma Survivors

When I first began watching “The Deep End” on Hulu, I had no clue who Teal Swan was or why this documentary had been made. Within five minutes of the first episode beginning, I was yelling at my phone in horror, “That’s not OK.” As the episode unfolded, it felt as though I was witnessing a real-life version of the series “Nine Perfect Strangers” on steroids and I needed to know more. Who exactly was Teal Swan? Where did she come from? And how did she become as infamous as she has? That’s exactly what I have spent the past three weeks discovering.

Who is Teal Swan?

Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher who has amassed millions of followers by producing hypnotic videos on topics ranging from healing from trauma to reincarnation to cryptocurrency. Her message of healing those who are suffering through her Completion Process has made her an almost Christ-like figure to her devotees, who worship her in a way that appears to verge on obsession. Members of the Teal Tribe swear that she has powers, abilities, and knowledge beyond those of anyone else on this planet and they resonate with her honesty and willingness to tackle difficult subjects like suicide and satanic abuse. Individuals spend hours watching her videos, studying her books, and will spend thousands of dollars to attend one of her retreats in Utah or her healing center in Costa Rica.

Her critics, however, are alarmed by her questionable techniques and manipulation of those who are the most vulnerable by using very sophisticated content curation acutely honed in on finding algorithms that attract individuals to her when she knows they can be easily swayed. For example, one of her most watched videos on suicide targets those who might type in a search for “I want to kill

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Teal Swan

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