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Here’s Why a Seattle Couple Moved Permanently to a Cruise Ship

The couple calculated that they could live comfortably on about $100 a day with their retirement savings. So far, they have booked 86 cruise days that cost around $89/day for both of them, on average. Their retirement plan includes room, food, entertainment, transportation, port fees, taxes, and gratuity.Burk noted that since they have taken so many cruises, they received significant discounts through loyalty programs.

So, living on cruise ships might only appeal to those who already travel often. ADVERTISEMENT  Still, retiring at sea comes with plenty of perks you can’t get on land. Owning a home comes with its own set of worries, such as costs of repairs, insurance, a mortgage, and other fees.

You can’t travel as often because of the high living costs in many locations. However, you get an all-inclusive room, board, entertainment, and transportation by living on a cruise ship. Plus, moving out to sea offers another advantage: getting to travel while lounging by the pool or taking a nap! Having someone else do all the legwork while you get to relax seems like the perfect way to retire.The couple decided to do a trial run of their retirement plan in 2021.

While the pandemic temporarily devastated the cruise industry, it’s made quite a comeback in recent months. Last November, they began with a nine-day Carnival cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. After that, a seven-day Carnival cruise took them from Long Beach, California, to the Mexican Riviera.

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT  Finally, the couple embarked on a 21-day Holland America cruise in mid-May. It sailed from Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal, taking them to Vancouver. The Burks plans to visit other locations this year, including Costa Rica, Alaska, Japan,

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