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How can I improve my odds of an accurate ADHD evaluation?

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A: Girls tend to show less “hyperactive” behavior, and most studies focus on those hyperactive ADHD patterns that are more common in males… | Keep reading on WebMD »A: Young adults with ADHD usually don’t show as much hyperactivity as they did when they were kids.

But they can be restless, with trouble… | Keep reading on WebMD »A: Clinicians must look beyond DSM-5 criteria when evaluating older patients for ADHD because it does not adequately consider… | Keep reading on ADDitude »A: Doctors don’t learn to look for ADHD in people over 60.

It’s likely they’ll look for other causes of inattention and fuzzy thinking… | Keep reading on WebMD »A: Higher levels of estrogen are linked to enhanced executive function and attention.

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