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10 Ways to Become More Likable and Gain More Friends

You’ve had the world’s longest work week. You’re logging off and shutting down your Mac. How is it 6:30 pm. on Friday?!? You start thinking about your evening plans for the first time all week. The problem is: you don’t have any plans! The Ghostbuster’s theme song pops into your head, “who ya’ gonna call?” .

There are plenty of people that you’d like to call, but you wouldn’t dare run the risk of being turned down. Like many Fridays before, you end up grabbing Qudoba and head home to binge watch 24. After all, Jack Bauer will keep you company.

Sitting on your couch… alone… again… the “poor me’s” take over and you wonder, why is this always the case? Don’t I have any friends? You ask yourself, is it possible to make myself become more

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Jack Bauer

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