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Every Child with ADHD Needs a Miss Ellie

She probably doesn’t and she probably won’t for a few decades, I thought. The girl on the slide laughed and screamed as 20 years faded away, taking me back to my own little handful.I was doing my best to help Lee, my four-month-old baby, sit on my lap quietly during circle time in a Mommy and Me class.

It was like trying to corral a wild stallion. She kick-boxed me, her tiny fists beating on my chest in rhythm to my pounding heart.

When her whimpers erupted into a piercing scream, the other babies followed suit. I beat a hasty retreat, feeling sure we’d never be welcome again.A year later, I tried a different class.

As we stepped into the room, I froze. To our left, the teacher, Miss Connie, sat in a circle, surrounded by a few moms who

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