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The Adorable Lesson My Niece Taught Me in My Deep Vein Thrombosis Recovery

It started with my having to stay with my parents. I had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in my right leg, and the hematologist wanted me on strict bed rest.  I was required to elevate my legs, and was also taking a blood thinner. If it weren’t for my 3-year-old niece, C, staying with my parents too, it would’ve been a very long weekend for me.

Originally, my husband was standing up in his Navy best friend’s wedding. Since the wedding was in New York, we decided to turn it into a vacation and add on an extra few days to do some sightseeing. That ended up not being possible, my husband stated that he wasn’t going to stay in New York any longer. He was going to take the train back the following morning so he could arrive before noon to pick me up from my parents’ house and take me home.

Once I settled in at my folks’ house, C and I started playing a few games and chatting with each other. Later on, I was able to go downstairs for dinner — provided I didn’t sit for more than an hour. Afterwards, everyone went into the living room to watch a movie. It was then that my niece asked me why I had large white socks on and used a cane. I told her that I have a really bad “boo-boo,” so my doctor wanted me to wear them and take medicine so I’d get better.

My niece got very quiet and suddenly walked up to my leg and gave it a quick kiss. She asked if it was all better now. I explained to her that it will take time for my leg to heal, but her kiss made my heart feel better. After that, she asked my mom and sister every day if I was healed. They had to explain that I still needed to take my treatment and stay off of the leg. C was persistent because she really wanted my “boo-boo” to go away.

At my last checkup, Dr. R. went over my recent

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