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How to Negotiate Severance: Tips and Strategies for the Modern Workforce

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and navigate severance negotiations is a necessary skill. According to , “58% of people who received a severance package when laid off did not negotiate that package.” Despite that high number, severance negotiations are not a lost cause.

Sho Dewan, career coach, founder and CEO of Workhap, and Merry A. Kogut, a licensed attorney based out of Washington, shed light on the process, debunking misconceptions and providing essential advice to allow employees to . “Severance pay,” Kogut explains, “is monetary compensation that an employer may provide to an employee when terminating them from their job.

Although some employment agreements mandate it, few employers offer it to ‘at will’ employees at the time of termination—employees may need to request it and negotiate receiving it.”So who exactly is due severance?

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