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Getting Mental Health Meds Feels Olympic-Level Hard but This One Hack Makes It 10x Simpler

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relationships, I have all of my affairs buttoned up with a plan B, C, and D to ensure success. But when it comes to my personal life (cleaning my apartment, renewing my passport, and staying on top of my appointments), I’m what I’d lovingly refer to as a walking dumpster fire.

I don’t think many people were too surprised to hear that I essentially walked myself into a mental health debacle last spring after letting my Lexapro® prescription lapse as I got new insurance and had to hunt for a new healthcare provider.Those few rough weeks in April 2022 were filled with a surplus of tears, helplessness that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, sleepless nights due to racing thoughts, withdrawing from my relationships, and feeling like simple tasks were impossible.

I was simply the poster child for anxiety and depression and, if you’ve ever been that low, you know that finding help when you’re in the trenches can feel Olympic-level difficult.

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