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16 Productive Reactions to “I Don’t Want to Do My Homework!”

get your child to do their homework with no push-back, scan these tips from ADDitude readers and find new, effective strategies for avoiding school work arguments.1. “Doing homework is part of the chores on our son’s reward chart. This is one of the hardest tasks to get him to do, so we have assigned it the highest point value.” – Kate, Hampstead, Maryland2.

“Giving them instant gratification of some kind before, during, and after homework will keep their dopamine at reasonable levels.” – An ADDitude Reader3. “A detailed checklist makes things much easier, because instructions are not just words in one ear and out the other.

The process can be seen.” – Heidi, Magna, Utah[Click to Read: The Homework System That Really Works]4. “We shut down

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