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Supported self-help changed my life

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When I initially accessed supported self-help through Brecon Mind, my mental health was at its lowest and I found it difficult to have the courage to ask someone for help, as well as talking about my problems.I am lucky to have a parent working at Mind who was able to direct me to what was the best option for me and my health at the time.

This helped a great deal as I struggled to find the confidence to ask for help from a ‘stranger’ myself. “I felt relieved and lighter, having someone to talk to confidentiality about my mental wellness.”Supported self-help is a free, one-to-one six-week guided programme.

Mind gives you the materials to understand and manage your feelings, and their practitioners use counselling based skills such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.I quickly found that building trust with my practitioner and following the steps to better mental health would obviously take time and practice.

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