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9 Products That Are Actually Making Me Motivated to Work Out

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rise and fall of motivation just like everyone else does, so on the days I don’t really feel like getting up and getting after it, I rely on two things: 1) remembering that I always feel good afterward, and 2) the clothes, accessories, and products that make a workout a littttle bit more enticing.Since exercising is an important part of my life and a top priority of mine, I have developed a small workout essentials shopping addiction, but hey, if it’s in the name of health, it’s fine by me.

Ahead, I am sharing the products that I use daily that actually make me motivated to work out—from activewear to post-workout care.When I'm going to the gym, I strive to find the perfect balance between comfortable and cute.

Alphalete's Amplify Contour Leggings blends both and allows me to get my sweat on while still feeling like that girl. Their leggings are made of a silky smooth material that's breathable and moves with me so I stay in the zone while I'm working out.

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