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Live Webinar on March 25: ADHD, Clarified: New Research and Essential Strategies for Thriving with ADHD

Not available March 25? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.Our understanding of ADHD has evolved considerably in the last three decades.

Here, ADHD experts Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr.

John J. Ratey explain the latest and most consequential research, along with the most effective treatment techniques to manage it, based on their 30 years working with patients.

To them, ADHD is not a deficit but an overabundance of attention that all individuals experience to different degrees. Most important, they say, ADHD can be managed and harnessed in productive, fulfilling ways.In this webinar, Hallowell and Ratey will help adults and children develop a constructive, hopeful view of ADHD.

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